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Who likes owls?

Owls, 5 Fascinating Facts About Them That Most People Get Wrong.
Owls are very interesting birds . . . there are about 200 species of owls. Owls are found throughout most of the world apart from Antarctica. The 5.3 inch high elf owl is the smallestand the largest are the Eurasian Eagle Owl and Blakiston's Fish Owl both of which are more than 28 inches long with a 6ft 6 inch wingspan!

1) Not all owls are active mainly at night. The burrowing owl for example is active mostly during the day. Some owls are active during dusk and dawn rather than day or night.

2) Barn owls form a different classification from the rest of the owl species.

3) It is a myth that an owl can turn its head completely backwards. The truth is that an owl can turn its head only to 135 degrees. Owls have to turn their heads to see in different directions because their eyes are fixed in the sockets, unlike human eyes. Owls are long-sighted and cannot see anything very close to them, which means that they have to manipulate prey by feel once they've caught it, because they can't see that close.

4) During the time of the dinosaurs, there were types of owls living which are now extinct and couldn't fly at all. There are some fossils of birds which look like herons but which are probably types of owls. Owls might be more closely related to night-jars than to hawks falcons and eagles, but this is not definite.

5) Cultures around the world use the archetype of the owl to represent different things. The concept of the "wise owl" originated in Greek mythology where the little owl was associated with Athena who was Godess of birds. But in Finland the owl is used to represent both stupidity and wisdom!

In Asia, different characteristics are associated with different types of owls, for example white owls are considered an archetype of wealth, but screech owls are associated with evil demons.

Owls are eaten in some parts of the world, although Darwin didn't like the flavour when he tried it.

In Aztec cultures, the owl is a taboo archetype, because of its association with evil.
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I fell in love with them after reading about Wesley about 4 or so years ago.  Such a touching story.  However, I am realistic and not all endings are like this.  

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lol This was pretty intersting thanks for the share. I had always thought they could move there head 360 but the mythology was really cool demon owls FTW :P
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