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I usually don't go out anymore to places to spend my time, as I find them to be weird, and boring, and I get uncomfortable. But I like the name of this Cafe, and that it's on here I figured I'd stop in and check the place out. But I probably won't stay long if I'm anything like myself. Tea's fine!
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Well welcome please try to keep hello messages in the intro page thank-you
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Hi Patient glad to meet you, did you have a good Independence day yesterday ...I did ...yes I like this  name of this group ...If you have any good stories we'd love to hear them ...Marg
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Hiya Patient49

Glad your here, whenever you are.  Post, talk or just lurk.  Your welcome to.  :)

Cheers  (THought I would go "british" in honor of "tea-time")

: )

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