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what is the point

what is the point
of trying so hard

everyone I love
is pushed away
from me
by me

by this thing

this thing that hurts so bad
that IU cannot make go away

that I know now
will never go away

there will be no going
there will be no away

it will always be here
it will always be now

I cannot run from it
everywhere I go
it is
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Thank-you for sharing did you write this? It seems incomplete like it was going to get more positive but didn't none the less great

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yeahup I wrote this when I was having a really hard time dealing with my life and my medical "issues".

It does seem incomplete.  I kind of wanted it to end with the feeling that it wasn't finished.  Like how some songs end on a note that makes you lean forward expecting more music, but it never comes.

I know it made it seem a little more "dark" and not as positive as I normally can be.  But when I wrote this, I was so completely taken over by the feelings of "the dark side, lol" I wanted this poem to "feel" th way I felt at the time.  And at the time, I was not feeling super positive.


I am soooooo thankful for this forum.  I have been trying to be more brave with sharing my feelings.  For me, it is really hard to articulate my emotions with "regular words"  Sometimes it feels like the emotions I am feeling cannot be described with words and explanation.  
Sometimes it feels like a poem, or an analogy, or  story or something is the only way I can really get close to explaining what I am "feeling" or how I am "being" at the moment I write the poem.

I don't know if that even makes sense, lol.  But. in the past, I never would have been brave enough to post a poem like that where other people could see it.  I would have felt too exposed.  

It is really good for me to have a place like the Tea Time Cafe.  I am really glad it is here,

And thank-you for commenting on my poem.  :)     I am glad you got from it what you did.  :D  

I will try to post a more uplifting poem next time.  :)
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Well thanks for sharing and ill be waiting
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I like this poem :-))
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