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right side vs left side

The magic which is the brain. I brought home an art book called drawing on the right side of the brain or something like that. I was reading this part and It  was so interesting. The way the two sides fight, work together and even ignore each other is fascinating.  Thus the saying the right hand doesnt know what the left is doing is accuarate. It talks about a study where they took patents who had the communacation between both part severed....i think..... (o well) well they had them look in the center of a screen and then asked them about the image. Since the left side controls the right eye they would respond with knife but when ask to garb the object they had secne with there left hand they had pick up the spoon which was on the left screen. When ask what they were holding they would respond knife while the right side knowing this to be wrong would force the person to shake his head.

Is that not cool as hell

for more info please visit http://www.web-us.com/brain/lrbrain.html enjoy my friends
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Betty Edwards....I have the book.  It is interesting.  Isn't the brain marvelous ....so much more than we comprehend.

With drawing, it is fun to experiment with just doing ...upside down, starting in the middle switching sides, trying to alternate, etc.

Thanks for sharing :-)

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np and yea thats what im trying to do.
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