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hi, i am only 15 years old and have had anxiety for almost a year now. its breathing anxiety. its controlling my life. i can be perfectly fine one minute and then the next minute i am having breathing issues. i know its anxiety because the more i think about it, the worse it is. if i am occuiped ; then its fine . but when its not , its horrible. i feel as if i am only breathing because im trying too. should my body just know ? this is ruining my life, someone please tell me anything i can do to help make this go away.
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just dont PANIC because it will only get worse! try and talk to someone about it and when you feel one coming on put your hands on your head stand up and breathe in through your nose and out your mouth open up your lungs .You just need to gain control of your breathing and it will be fine honestly. also try not to think about.Pre-occupy yourself by listening to music or something! i use to suffer from them. if they keep happening goto your GP( doctor) they will help!
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thanks for the advice ! :)
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same thing here. the doctors said it hyperventalition syndrome & i just cant stop focusing on my breathing.
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hey Maddy , i'm Ellana  i'm 16 years old , I suffer from all different anxieties and this is one I have had for two years , I know how it feels .
over the past few years I've tried to always keep myself entertained so here are some thing you might want to try:

1.laying down and listening to music , close your eyes and listen to the beat and try to figure out what instruments are being used

2.sit out side under a tree or something and imagine something that you love and it being there in front of you

3. sit down and draw something anything

4. do things that you like ^.^

try different things , I recive counselling and my counsellor has given me those suggestions and they work I hope this helps you in some way like it helped me
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