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should i get checked out?

I used to get severe anxiety attacks, but haven't in a very long time.  now, i am completely unable to be inside my house or car alone at night/in the dark.  even when someone is here, i get very anxious and scared about entering a room without lights on, and i have a hard time falling asleep at night even with my boyfriend next to me because the lights are all off.  i do not know what i am scared of, i just can't do it. when i am home alone, i need to have every light on in every room or else i need to leave.  i'm okay in the dark if i am outside, but if i'm inside a house or a car or anything like that, i get really scared.  i am also scared to shower, for some reason.  if someone is home, i'll be less scared, but even still, i usually need to shower without the curtain closed as i am too anxious.  it never used to be like this, though, and it's getting progressively worse.  should i see someone about what's happening?
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