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( - Mole in the eye . - Eye care - )

I have a mole in my left eye ,
and it sometimes bothers me , people around me and my friends at school made fun of it  ='((((   , I'm so being self-conscious about it.

Help me , Is there any other way it will be treated, or any medication to this ?  
Thank you very much .........
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Have you been to the eye dr.?  If so, what have they said?  I bet it does bother you.  Any little thing in my eye drives me crazy.  You are dealing very well.  You know friends.  They think they can say stuff and you won't care.  Tell them it hurts your feelings since they are so open to you about your eye!LOL  Gotta love and laugh at honest friends.
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I'd definitely start with an eye doctor.  I'm sorry you're having problems with people at school about this!
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Yes go to your eye doctor or even just your doctor, they can, maybe remove it to help you because it bothers you, but I'm not sure because its your eye. Good luck
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