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A few days after smoking marijuana I still feel weird

Okay, let me start by saying, the day that I smoked my the weed, my "high" was not a normal high. It started off like I was in a different reality, id be completely messed up blurry vision, walking and acting drunk, and not knowing or caring about anything. Then for 5-10 seconds snap back into reality then go into the trance type feeling. I smoked with three other people, one feeling the same as me and the other person normal, my "high" lasted around 15-19 hours I woke up the next day feeling the exact same just a little bit toned down. Now, 4-5 days after me smoking it. I feel almost like nothing is real, like I'm dreaming, I can't remember what I did yesterday and I walk down a road and honest to god it feels like 2 seconds. I'm acting as sober as I possibly can because I'm around my family, but I, terrified that this won't go away. Usually throughout the day I forget about it and it doesn't hit me as bad, but at nights or when I'm just thinking I don't even know what's happening. I just recently started smoking 2 weeks prior i got high twice, and after my last experience, I don't think I'll continue.
I don't know how my other friend who I was smoking it with is feeling, but I sur as hell don't think it was normal weed.

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Hi those feelings will go away i promise , take care
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Hi their is so many strains of weed out their you don't know what you are smoking , But please leave alone it Can mess you up Mentally what you are going through will pass , Stay well away Please , take care
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Yes, I realize this now. But I'm anxious now because of what's been going on.
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