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Abdominal pain and lower back pain; lower left quadrant; 17 years old

I am 17 years old, and I have been having abdominal pain with some lower back pain on my left side and it goes across the middle and barely the lower right quadrant. Feb 7th 2009, I had my gallbladder removed because it was not releasing bile, it was barely working @ 4%. After surgery I was feeling fine; each day I got a little better. But right when I thought I was back to normal I began having these pains. They are very sharp and sudden, once and I while I know when it is going to happen. They also seem worse after I eat, but on the other hand I have had moderate pain without eating. My doctor put me on Bentyl and Miralax; The Bentyl helps a lot, the laxative I am not sure about because it doesn't change my bowel movements much. 2 weeks ago, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance from school because of the severe pain, they gave me a cat scan and nothing showed up. Next, my doctor had me get a lower bowel follow up, once again, nothing showed up. The last thing my doctor wants me to have is a colonoscopy. I plan on having one asap. I was wondering if anyone had any Ideas on what is wrong with me. My gastroenterologist is running out of Ideas. BTW, I also have Eosinophilic Esophagitis and asthma. Please help me by giving me ideas on what I may have, if you have any.
                   Thanks, Fred
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You sound just like my 15 yr daughter, right down to the bentyl and miralax. She has been about 1 month since surgery. Her hida scan showed 2%. We can't get the pain in the left lower area to stop. Sometimes after meals or not. The only difference  is they found a cyst on her ovary. She ended up in the ER a week after surgery because of constipation from all the pain drugs and the carafate. We just started the bentyl today so I hope a better day tomorrow. She has missed 30 days of school already and the school is on my back about making her go on a online school. I hope you find your answer too. Every Doctor passes us on to another doctor. And its takes a month or so just to get in with specialist. She just wants to give up and drop out. I hope we get a answer soon.
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As I read your comment, at first I thought, some medical instrumentation feft inside, then internal adhesions. But when I read that the laxitives actually helped, two options come to mind:
- Increased bacterial presence in your intestines, if so, proper antibiotics will resolve the case.
- Intestinal parasites, proper anti-parasitic medication required.

In either case, a stool sample will confirm.
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