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Am I obsessed with this girl?

Am I obsessed?Im not lesbain tho and shes not lesbain either. She's 14 and im 1 2. Also could i be obsessed? Based on this:

Im not lesbain, she's 14 and im 1 2 everyone keeps saying im obsessed,and i used to deny it but now i think thy might be right. What do you think?:
-I think about her every minute of the day, and every day of the week
-I get a sick feeling in he pit of my stomach when im not with her
-I cant have a conversation with someone without saying her name
-I cried for 1 hour straight when i thought she didnt like me
-Im quiet and barely say any words around anyone but her
-Although she's older than me, I cry when people pick on her
-I've googled her name 10-20 times already trying to get a picture of her
-I cant eat when im not with her
-I text her every day
-When i try to restrain myself from talking about her, i get a nervous twitch
She doesnt know about this but what do you think? Am i obsessed?

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