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Back pain, chest pain, wrist pain - connected or not?

I have quite a bit of muscle aches and pains, mostly in my back. I'm pretty sure this is cause by carrying around up to 40 lbs of school supplies for eight or more hours a day plus the stress of a new school year (although I had pretty terrible back pain during the summer, it was usually relieved when I got someone to help me pop my back). However, the back of my neck and shoulders always feel stiff and tense, no matter how much massaging/relaxing I try. And I don't know if this is relevant or not, but when I lay down flat on my back or stomach and relax my muscles, my back and my ribs/chest ache badly.

My chest pain flares up sometimes - completely randomly. It can happen on both sides, but the most frequent and most painful happens on my left side. It's usually short stabbing pains with a very dull ache afterward, and the ache sometimes spreads to my shoulder and upper arm (stopping about halfway to the elbow) - sometimes even the base of my neck. The stabbing sensation completely bypasses my breasts. I don't know how to say it other than I can simply feel the pain *under* the breast tissue.

The wrist pain, on the other hand, most frequently occurs in my right arm, usually upset by writing or using a mouse (I can only write about 12-15 lines on notebook paper before I have to stop and rub my wrist so I can start writing again). The pain that flares up in my left wrist/hand is less sharp, but it has a further spread and lasts longer and is also completely random in when it flares up.

I really would like to get rid of these symptoms, because I hate always feeling so tense and exhausted because my muscles refuse to relax. Thanks in advance for any help.

also, some additional notes;
~ my family dos have a history of high blood pressure and hypertension, as well as breast cancer
~ I'm 16 and, obviously, female
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For almost the entire month of January my neck mucsle on the left was very unomfortable. I felt i was sleeping in a wrong position....then my left shoulder started to ache and was very tight. There was also a pain in my armpit. I got some relief with massaging, but only for a very short time. i kept cheking my left breast for lumps as my immiediate sister died from breast cancer and i also lost my elder brother to cancer of the lungs.

I finally went to see my doc and he said it was an infection of the lymph nodes and prescribed some antibiotic etc. the pain is gone now, but today that left nipple is itchy....
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I think you have 2 problems, your wrist pain sounds like carpel tunnel syndrome. your back pain is liely from carrying heavy weight. what concerns me is your chest pain particularly because it radiates to your shoulder and arm, this along with stabbing pain indicates 2 possibilities, if its on the left your heart, if you have radiating undre breast pain on the right it could very well be your gallbladder, you need to have your parents take you to a doctor. I dont believe all of your symptoms are related I am almost positive you have carpel tunnel and something else, the something else needs immediate attention, people are often born with heart defects that do not affect them until their teen age years, GET HELP VERY SOON, I recommend a general practioner, he will refer you to a cariologist or surgeon if necessary. Please let me know what happens
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