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Bicep toning help.

Hello, A lot of my friends around the same age keep raging on about their health, (as they should) but with them being under weight they STILL complain!
I'm sure all of you have heard this from your friends:
"My thighs are too big! look at you, you're so thin!"
"My stomach's big but my breasts are so small"
Yack yack yack yack constantly!
Now I'm technically Normal weight, checking my BMI regularly ( I recommend it) but i would like to have toned Biceps, my brother tells me to lift the weights he uses, but the thought of me ending up Barrel-Chested and Bulked up doesnt appeal very much to me.
I'm 14, and i dont want a full 5 day regime of arse-whooping training, i just want something i can do to tone just my biceps to convert fat-muscle,
I'm sure a lot of other girls and boys worry about these problems, thinking they're fat when they're fat from it. So I'm sure this would help them too.

My question is that if anyone has any simple, yet effective Bicep toners that dont use hard weights it would be great because I've broken my left arm on two accounts in the past 2 years, so im cautious about lifting with it.
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to tone your arms or any muscle you only need to work them once every 5-7 days.but you will need to use at least 5-10lb weights.and for your diet you need plenty of protein and calcium for your bones.lifting weights will actually strengthen your bones.



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For those of you complaining about being too small, at least you're not on the other end of the spectrum. Better to be underweight working up to being muscular than to be overweight or obese working the other direction. Just be thankful for the body you have. http://weightloss.nmfnw.com/
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