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Could I have A DSD?

I think I have a Disorder of Sex Development? My private parts don't look right. I used to have two sets of ""lips"". They have fused together, I only have one set now. This one set of ""lips"" are very big, and have grown together? If I separate them, it hurts. Separating them can only be done by force, and is painful during and after. My private parts don't look female, but more male - like a small penis. Overall, my genitalia is made of this one set of ""lips"" and what looks like a ""tip"" at the very bottom. To make it even more clear to anyone reading - the one set of lips are naturally like this. It's not that 'they just touch', or are 'just big'. It's that they literally grow together, making my genitalia look like a small penis. It's hard to describe. The set of lips completely hang out and stick together. All of it looks like a small penis. I have tried to discuss this, but it was pushed aside. I was given the label of Transsexual.
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