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Hard Lumps Under MALE Nipples

A few months ago, I noticed a small hard lump under my left nipple, it is mildly painful to touch and over the last few months since I First noticed it, it has grown, now I can feel it under my whole left nipple, which is a little swollen and bulgy, now I feel another lump just like that one forming under my right nipple, I am 14 years old and I am a guy please help!
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The lumps could be due to could be due to low testosterone production and male breast enlargement or gynecomastia. Other possibilities are adrenal gland dysfunction, pituitary tumors, certain drugs and obesity (this can cause increased fatty deposits in breast). Please discuss this with your doctor and get this evaluated by going for a MRI of brain, adrenal gland function which measures the cortisol level, serum testosterone level and a BMI index to know if obesity is the cause. Take care!
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