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Hard pea size lump under skin middle jaw.

My 18 yr. old daughter just made me aware of a hard tiny pea sized lump under her skin...  chin/throat area.  It does not move and is slightly sore to the touch.  Have to really push and feel around to find it.

As a lot of people, when it comes to my child's health I would like to get it thoroughly check out.  But, we have a very high deductible to be able to afford the monthly health premium and would have to pay cash for all the tests/biopsies. And cash in quite a shortage right now.

Anyway, just want some intial information if possible.

Thank you.
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Try making a doctor's appointment at your local county health department. They do free or low cost appointments for individuals. http://www.azdhs.gov/hsd/primary_care.htm .. A lump that does not move needs to be looked at. It may be something pretty simple, like an enlarged salivary gland or inflamed lymph node, but it may also be something more serious.
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