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Help me to make my son know the right ways for his abs exercises

Hi people, everyone has concerns about the well being of their child I too have some. Lately, he is getting mad to get the abs (six pack abs as they call it). I don’t think that this is something bad but the ways he is trying is a bit crazy. He believes all that is being told to him and I can’t figure out how he can get them without training the right way with the right exercises. I think that I am being a little cautious but I need you people to help me finding a good way to get the six packs he wants with some good ways.

Thanks for taking time to read this and hope that you come up with some good suggestions.
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Cautious…I think that you are reacting a bit too much…but even I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes …I guess! It’s important to know that exercises without a proper guidance or instructions can harm the muscles and you need to take a note on this. My brother, who is also a exercise freak…was on the same ship as your son for [url=http://www.sixpackabsexercises.com/]how to get six pack abs[/url] and later he found a great guide that not only made him have them but in a proper way that was comfortable to his physical and mental well-being. You can give it a look (try the link).

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yes, mom, over reacting, I agree. Suggest he do some reading,researching or speak to a trainer (you could offer to pay for him to go to one session with a trainer to get a routine worked out that is safe and effective) - - - and then butt out.

Kids do all sorts of weird things - he won't hurt himself as long as he is healthy.

You can lead a horse to water....
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Maybe you should sign him up for the local YMCA so trainers can help him and so he can use weight machines and stuff.  Maybe he should sign up for a sport like karate, wrestling, footballl, hockey, gymnastics, and more.  I did gymnastics and it gave me the best looking abs EVER!
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