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I Hit Myself In My Head and Face


For as long as I can remember I have been hitting myself in my face.  First, I get really upset and become crazy like as if I am possessed by the devil and then start hitting myself on my right side of my face usually. I do this with a closed fist usually and smack my face as well repeatly!  I  feel very angry and possesed like in a way?  But, there have also been times I have hit men whom I was in relationships with and when I mean hit them, I punch them hard!  I even caused one guy to have to go the the hospital to get 6 stiches.  Its crazy!  And out of control. I'm so sick of it and all I do is blame God and beg to him why is he torchering me and if it isn't him, then I start to blame the devil for it?  I know it sounds crazy, but its all true...I have been to a phychotherapist a few years back and I have also been in the physch unit because I called the police on myself and threatened sucide.  I've been on medications, but nothing seems to help me.  And back in 2005 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (thyroidism).  I feel hopeless and at times beg God to strike me dead.  But, I feel very strongly inspite of everything wrong I still feel like I'm a good decent beautiful, bright woman who has been damaged. I'm 30 years old., but I feel like I just can't make it in this so called life of mine.  And to put the icing on the cake to my story...Get ready for this one, The phychotherapist that I mentioned above who I saw on a regular for 3 years, well we live together for the last 2 years.  Its crazy and I know.  
I acknowledge it all.  I just can't help myself.  Its sad. I've gone to people and friends for help, but maybe they just didn't take me seriouly. Coz, really  I'm a good person, I swear to God and on my fathers grave...I make effort and I keep getting knocked back down and I'm just worn down and the only thing that has kept me alive is a pothead guy friend of mine whom I sit around with everyday and when he needs me and smoke pot with him and I buy the weed, the blunts, my gas, pick him up, take care of him to make sure he has everything he needs as well as I.  And how do I get the money for these things, well I have multiple relationships going on with other men who  I ask for money and they give it to me.  Its just crazy. But, I'm still doing all these things!  When I had jobs, I always end up sabataging them by getting upset and hitting myself!  I need help I can't live like this.  Its not me.  I want Me back...
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Currently, I think you should go get another appointment for the doctors or a physiologist. It's the only way that you can actually get cured. Hopefully your problem will be solved then.

~Get Better Soon,
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EMO E-M-O EMO E-M-O EMO E-M-O EMO E-M-O EMO E-M-O  Joke....Why not enjoy it?
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