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I can't live like this anymore!


I weigh 183lbs at the moment (it bounces inbetween 183-184, waterweight is my guess, once I pee it goes down lol)
I am 4'9'' 1/2
I weighed 188, I've lost about 5 lbs in a month. WITHOUT exercise. I'll be adding that in soon.

I like food, I've always liked food. In my early teens I think I turned to food when I was depressed or upset, and it got out of control. Not only was I eating hordes of food, actually hiding it in my room to eat it, i was eating all that BAD foods.

I actually started watching this British show called You Are What You Eat, and it really opened my eyes, and made me realize eating healthier wasn't as hard as it seemed. Especially if those people were able to drop that much weight in only 2 months, imagine what -I- could do in 2 months if I kept to it this time.

People try to argue with me, and tell me, everything in moderation. With me, THAT DOES NOT WORK. I do NOT have the willpower. If I have peanutbutter in my cubbard, I'm going to eat it. And I'm not talking in moderation, I'll eat spoonfuls of peanutbutter alone. I either completely kick it cold turkey, or that little portion slowly gets bigger and bigger until I'm back to where I started. I'd rather not keep that kind of stuff around, as I know in the long run it'll help me more. I don't need "reward snacks" (ex: like, say, sunday you could eat whatever you want, I won't do that).

I WILL however allow myself pizza, once I soak all the grease out with napkins, and subway. That's it for fast food, though. As much as it pains me, no more KFC chicken bowls, no more ice caps from tim hortons.

So, March 15th, after many failed attempts, I decided this way it. No more soda pop. Then I decided, why not make it interesting, no more soda pop, no more coffee, no more tea, no more energy drinks. I got rid of everything I drank that had a large surpluss of caffine and sugars. I suffered through a week and a half of horrible headaches and withdrawls, and then I was FINE. I now drink either regular water, aquafina flavorsplash, sometimes some milk or orange juice. My hair got better, my skin got better, I sleep more soundly. I'll never go back. I can't do things in moderation, I either stop them cold turkey, or I stick to a diet for a week, then binge eat, and then say, *******, and go back to how I was.

I haven't had any candies lately either, once in a while (especially when I'm PMSing) I'll get a candybar or something (going to try to limit it to maybe like 1 a month or something), I haven't been eating chips (veggie sticks are AMAZING. Great alternative to chips). I have however been eating lots of salads, full of raisons, spinach instead of lettuce, tomatos, and lemon for salad dressing. I also eat lots of fruits, and I'm going to start making fruit smoothies for the morning. I eat lots of nuts, too, pine nuts, wal nuts, unsalted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

I know its going to be hard, I'm actually surprised at my self control so far, and I think I can turn this into a lifestyle change, not a diet. Oh, and I'm not a calorie counter, I'm not going to put all my time and effort into that. I'm going to eat healthy, exercise, and judge my progress by how my clothes fit, and also think about muscle weight and such.

I need lots of support and advice, I hope I find it here.

***Any tips? Any certain exercises I should be doing? Any good healthy recipies, or good healthy snacks I can incorporate into my diet?****
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Hey , I'm going to start by saying we live in a very vain , obsessive world , where celebrity images are perfection and everyone looks up to them ..... i think your brave like i think the same with other "Obese" people being able to go out with your head held high while knowing that people will look ..that takes guts to me

I think what your doing is great just keep eating healthy and do what your doing it seems to be doing YOU the world of good

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wow i dont know how you do it even though i do the same exact thing.... im an uncontrolled diabetic and my weight fluctuates anywhere from 130-140. i overeat all time and yes, people notice. ive tried hard to stop, but my cravings for food always come back. My advice for you is to set goals for yourself. You could also think about how your health will improve in the future if you keep up the dieting. One method i try is to tell myself that i hate a certain food when i really want to eat it. Its like reverse psychology.....everytime you go back to that food you remember that youtold yourself you dont like it so you dont eat it.
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