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I have missed my period for a month and a half

So I am twelve turning thirteen next week. I have a boyfriend we've been daiting since third grade but never had sex. I've always been a good girl. I would cry when I get in trouble. I had my period on the 18 of August. I didn't have it what so ever in September.  Now it's October 20 and I still haven't had one. I have masturbated and had an orgasm. And I'm really paranoid and scared that I might have messed something up. I've never lost my virginity and I plan on not doing that ever. I'm scared to ask my mom. I did about the first month and she said there usually irregular but it's almost another month now. Someone please help.
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Hi please speak to your Mother again she will be only to pleased to help you , have you a Aunt you can trust if so tell her or a teacher in school , please don't keep it to yourself any longer , take care ,
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