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I overdosed and never told anyone.. am I fine?

I overdosed on Ibuprofen when I was 14 and never told anyone.. I am now 15 and wondering if im ok or do I need to tell someone.
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Ummm so I was accidentally taking a medicine that had aspirin, caffeine, and acetaminophen when I thought it was only acetaminophen (tylenol) I was taking a whole lot of caffeine by accident and I am  only thirteen. I am okay but I had been taking it for a while. I think if you only did it once you are probably going to be fine. Unless if you did it on purpose, depending on the reason (like if you were in extreme pain so you took too much to help with that, or if you just wanted the high, or suicide) get help for whichever one. Hope this helps???
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Gosh, that's sure scary.  Was it on purpose?  How much did you take?  If it was on purpose, you really need support. Maybe things are better but if you went there in terms of desire to end your life, knowing that and talking to someone would be SO important.  Effects after an overdose can include kidney or liver issues.  It's been long enough that all of the acute situations sound to have been avoided but the ones that you don't necessarily see should be looked into.  While you are probably okay, no one should hold info like that back from their health care provider. And if it was a suicide attempt, serious or otherwise, you should share that too.  Do you have a decent relationship with your mom or dad?
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Also, always call poison control if concerned.  I did when I accidentally gave my son too much tylenol.  They were awesome and easy to talk to.  
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