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I suddenly don't need to sleep nor eat. What do I do?

Hi, I'm 13 years old 150cm (5ft) 37kg (81.571 pounds) (Not really sure what information is needed  )and I just don't get hungry nor tired anymore I can just stay up all night or go days without eating I mean I'm not trying to not to eat or sleep but sometimes I'll just suddenly realise I haven't eaten all day and I'm still not hungry or it's suddenly 5am and I've been up all night also I just haven't being tiring I used to be weary after school and go to sleep at like 10pm but now I just don't seem to get tired or need to sleep or eat at all. What do I do.
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Eventually, this will catch up with you, and your overall health will go downhill, because one's body needs both nutrients from food and enough sleep. Be sure you are not ingesting any caffeine from coffee, sodas, or "energy drinks" nor using any illicit drugs.  Otherwise, I don't have an answer for your situation.  
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