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Hi, I'm Aman and I'll become 16 year old on this 31st March.

My mother is 4'11'' and my father is 5'5''. All my friends are taller than me and THEY've GAINED THEIR HEIGHT AFTER 16.

My question is, I want to be about 5'10'' and for this, from JANUARY, 2011, onwards, I'm doing regular exercises. Everyday, I run about 1 KM. Then do Stretching Exercises, which are given here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkm8jFZ-5qg.

AND I TOO HANG FOR 5 MINUTES EVERYDAY. I DO IT 5 TIMES A DAY means EACH TIME 1 minute. And I too take, 100 - 150 grams of FISH (MACKERAL) everyday along with food FOR PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS.

So, can I still grow taller?? I want to be about 5'10'' or more than this.

And yaa, these days, I feel a little pain in my backbone and other body parts. And, 2-3 days before, the size of my hands have grown bigger. (I COMPARED WITH MY FRIENDS HANDS)

Are there any chances, HEIGHT MEANS EVERYTHING.

My father say, just keep working and don't care for results - CONCENTRATE ON YOUR STUDIES AND ENJOY LIFE - and then AFTER APRIL, you'll definietly become about 5'10''.

And one more thing, in these winters I have not become SICK or caught fever as i was used to become sick every winters from class 6th.
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If your parents are tall, you would have a good chance of gowing taller. Height is all about genes. But that does not mean that you would take for granted the things you need to reach your adult height.

There are tons of websites dedicated to increasing height.  A good resource for tips and tricks in growing taller would be [URL="http://www.***********.com/"]HeightForum[/URL]. There are a lot of websites about growing taller but I would start any research in [URL="http://www.***********.com/"]HeightForum[/URL]. The site has an article [URL="http://***********.com/how-do-you-grow-taller"]How Do You Grow Taller?[/URL] that gives you the ins and outs on how to maximize your growing potential

Again, genes is the number on factor but eat right, exercise and get enough sleep would get you taller.
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Height is mostly determined by genetics. While exercising, stretching, etc is healthy, it won't exactly make you grow taller. You will most likely be about an inch or two taller than your father. Height is not everything and you should not concentrate so much on growing tall. Put more effort into school and sports, rather than trying to change something that you can't. You are 16, so you will grow more and can grow up until the age of 21, so don't worry about it. Keep up the healthy habits of regular exercise and focus on school and having fun with friends.
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