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I'm 137cm/4ft 6in tall (17M)

Hello, I'm a 17 years old male and my height is 137 cm (4ft 6in). I've always been really short, but I don't think I'm going to grow much taller and I'd like to do something about it as soon as I can. What should I do?
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does 17m stand for 17 miles? wow that's tall. why do I now feel short?
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hope this makes you laugh =)(= XD ;p
Made me laugh ;)
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I'd have your doctor ask one of his orthopedic colleagues to make an appointment to see him.  If your growth plates - the areas on your LONG bones your growth occurs - have not "closed", it may still be possible for you to grow a few extra inches
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You are correct that it is unlikely that you will grow any taller than you are already.  There is not much that anyone can do about how tall or short they are.  Are your parents both short?

There are some procedures that can be performed to increase height, but they generally require extensive surgery, and probably a lot of pain.  
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My parents are both average height.
Is there any way to treat it that doesn't require surgery?
The first step is to see a doctor, who can run some tests and evaluate whether you are short due to a genetic or hormonal abnormality, or if you are just "naturally" short.  But you'll need to visit a doctor, in-person, to get those tests and to discuss options.
Oh, I see. Thanks

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