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Is my Land Lord Lying?

Alright, here's the skinny - my landlord is trying to evict me on drug charges, because he claims that he had a Hookah in our house tested for drugs, and found traces of THC. Initially, this annoyed me because the hookah belongs to his daughter (my roommate), but being the slightly psycho father he is, he would never believe that his daughter would smoke anything. Then I began to wonder how he had it tested...all the tests I've been able to read about are urine, blood, saliva, or hair test kits, and I highly doubt that he could take something like this to the police for testing, and manage to get it back, as a student of criminal justice and law enforcement I'm guessing that most jurisdictions would seize the hookah later.  I know that I have nothing to worry about if he decides to test me personally for drug use, as I haven't smoked anything at all (including tobacco) since Highschool, but I want to know what validity he has to this defense; Is there some way he could have tested the hookah and gotten it back?  Are there home tests that would test this without any body liquids or hair? Or is this all just some big blown up bull ****? He is notorious for lying, but I'll be particularly aggrivated if this is the case once again.
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i would say he is lying and you would be in the right here especially since you haven't done anything wrong.
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First,  your landlord has no right to have you tested for drugs.  So don't worry about that.

Why are you still there?  Is this girl your girlfriend,  so the "landlord" is actually the father of your girlfriend?
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he's a con artist who obviously has a personal vendetta against you. Tell him that 'Scratch and Sniff' isn't a valid test and ask him for the test results because he is not allowed to with hold information that is legally your right to know
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