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Lump in armpit


I'm 18. A couple of days ago  i have noticed a lump in my arm pit, which is a bit big. i can put my fingers underneath it and it doesn't hurt, I was wondering what it could be?

I have taken some pictures:





Any help would be great!!
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Are you male or female (Im not going to your links) a lump in armpit could be

1. a cyst,   a boil     an ingrown hair,    an enlarged lymph node or a tumor  Most likely at your age  one of the first 3  .
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I'm male, i was just wondering if it was dangerous or if i should get it checked out.
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Most likely it is not dangerous, an enlarged lymphnode would be a sign of illness , a cyst boil or ingrown hair is more of a dermatological issue, cysts sometimes need to be removed, boils often need to be lanced.....Good for you for being alert about your body, yes you should go see your doctor, he will likely know what it is upon examination, if not he may order some tests. Good luck
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i am 15 and have a lump under my armpit it is little though what is it?
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