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Me - Fitness and Diet

I'm 13, Male, and I'm not exactly happy with my body. I don't know the exact weight or height of myself, but I'm not to bad at maths so I'd roughly say that I'm 5.6", and maybe around 140-160lbs. I'm not (well I hope my eyes don't play tricks on my) exactly the heaviest boy at school, but I'm certainly not the healthiest weight either. My stomach doesn't bulge when I wear shirts, but it is quite fatty. I don't have 'moobs' (I don't know the medical term..).

I used to live in Glasgow (Scotland, incase you don't already know), and when I lived there I was really active at school, and never really ate a lot of unhealthy foods. I moved at age 5, or maybe 6 to Birmingham (That's in England, again in case you did not know), and obviously moving such a long way for someone so young is hard. I was somewhat active for awhile, but then i went to Secondary School (High school), and a lot of my friends went to different schools from me. It was like moving school, again. I managed to rebuild a social group, but I got bullied a lot. Still to this day I'm suffering somewhat from bullying, but I have a positive attitude towards it. Even though the bullying doesn't effect me mentally, I think I've been eating more, to cope. I've heard about similar theories, and it seemed to be the only answer for how I got to how I am. I used to be very healthy, and sporty as previously stated. Another thing, the group of friends I have at the moment don't really play sports, so that doesn't help either.

After a few years of being unactive, I'm struggling to get into it again. My mum & step-dad both have rather good jobs, so they can buy a lot of unhealthy food to make us happy. I've still got to talk to them about not buying me all of that, instead buying me more healthy food. My diet at the moment kind of goes like this.. (not as accurate as maybe you would of liked)

Breakfast: I don't really have breakfast.. because I get up kind of late. I ought to change that. I take a bottle of water to school everyday. I take vitamin C tablets every morning, so it helps my skin. I have no skin diseases or anything similar to that, but I do get quite a lot of spots due to puberty (I guess).

Lunch: Uh, sometimes I'll have a slice of pizza at school, but usually I have nothing. I'll drink my water throughout the school day.

- I might have a biscuit or two when I get home from school. If I'm having a light dinner, I'll have a Pot Noodle or something of the easy-to-make variety. Maybe a cereal. I'll either have another bottle of water when I get home, or some kind of fruit juice. Sometimes I'll have some kind of fizzy drink.

Dinner: My mum makes homeade dinner often, sometimes consisting of Freezer food like Fish Fingers, or Chicken nuggets. My mum also makes a variety of casseroles, pasta dishes, and uses potatoes lots. My vegetables are usually peas, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. I don't really have a drink with dinner, I don't even know why.

- I have one 'sweet' everyday after dinner. This could range from a candy kind of sweet (Haribo, Fruit Pastels, Ice Lolly) to chocolate (Cadbury, Nestle.. all of that). I sometimes snack on things like biscuits and crisps, and will probably have more fizzy drink or fruit juice.

Supper (before bed): Cereal mostly, but I'm not prone to having something different like toast.

- I don't snack through the night, I sleep heavily.

Okay, that's roughly what my diet is on a certain day. It obviously changes from day to day, but not by much. Okay, apart from my diet, the most exercise I do at home is walking up the stairs.. It's not ideal I know.

We don't have any gym equipment at all.. not even weights. I do exercise at school though, on the days i have P.E. On my timetable for Week 1, I have P.E once. Then on Week 2, I have P.E three times in a row. That's it. At school we play:

-Football (Soccer)
-Athletics (All, track & field)
-Hockey & Tennis
-Some others, like dodgeball if we have good behaviour

We play 2 different sports for 6 weeks, and then either both or one of them change for another sport. In certain sports, i.e Football, I'm not very good.. This means I don't try my best because I know I'm not good. Which then means I don't get as much exercise. But mostly all the others I put 110% into.

From what I know, I don't suffer from any disease that would disable me from partaking in certain events. I have hay fever in the summer.. but that's irrelevant. I also don't suffer from asthma or any other breathing difficulties. I also have no allergies, that I know of. So I'm willing to try any food.

I have no boundaries on what advice is given, apart from the fact I'm only 13 and I have no car, or money to buy a treadmill: so don't tell me to buy a treadmill..

If you can give any advice on what foods I should eat, instead of my current ones, any exercise routines that are compatible with having no equipment, please feel free to tell me.

One other thing, I struggle to make things in the morning mostly because I'm the only one up, or in my home at the time.. well, apart from my brother. But he doesn't even know how to turn the hoover on, so don't go there. I can't really make all this fancy stuff in the morning, with my cooking skills. Bare that in mind when giving me advice, thanks!

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