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Medical Mystery. Whats wrong with me?

Hello and thanks for taking the time to help me.
First let me tell you about me then I will go onto the timeline of events leading up to now. It is a lot but please continue to read. I need to know if this is common and if anyone has had this happen. I will be 18 in about 20 days. I am Female and have NO health issues, nothing at all. I am (or was) perfectly healthy. Onto what is happening to me.
    April 9th- I was stopped at a red light when someone behind me hit the gas, ramming into my tow hitch. I was wearing my seat belt and at the time felt completely fine, just shook up since it was my first accident. A few hours after the accident I went to my doctor to be looked at making sure nothing was wrong. He said I was fine and sent me home. That night a large seat belt bruise appeared and The vehicle I was driving is no longer drive able. It shifted the engine forward and jammed all the doors un-level to where they no longer open.

    April 10th- I was sleeping this night, when I woke up to and extreme pain in my lower right side of my abdomen. I freaked out thinking it was my appendix and not 5 seconds later my pains went away, and I went back to sleep. This happened about 3-5 times that night.

   April 15th- For 5 days I kept getting RANDOM sharp pains in my lower right side, right next to my pelvic bone. But they only would last 5 seconds. I read about Appendicitis and it said that that area would be tender to touch. And sure enough pressing on that area let out 4x as much pain as those random sharp ones. So I called my doctor and he got me in for that Friday.

  April 18th- I went to my doctor and described everything going on. He laid me flat on the table and started pressing on my belly. Once he found the spot that was so painful it made me cry, he said "I am almost positive thats your gallbladder" So he sent me to have an ultrasond, bloodwork, and a HIDA scan

April 21- I went to the hospital for my test, they scanned my pancreas, liver, right kidney, and gallbladder. They did a HIDA scan which later showed that my gallbladder was only releasing 5% of what was going into it. (An ejection fraction of 5%) So we scheduled a date for gallbladder surgery

May 1- I went to the hospital to have my gallbladder removed

May 13- I had a followup with my surgeon that took out my gallbladder. He asked if I felt better and believe it or not, I did NOT. I still had the SAME pain in the SAME area and it still hurt if not worse. He told me it obviously wasn't my gallbladder unless I grew a new one lol, and told me to wait 4 weeks until I was completely healed from surgery and go back to square one with my family doctor.

UPDATE: From May 13 until now and my opinions... (4 weeks wont be until June 10th) My pain has actually gotten stronger and even more tender to touch. If I press on the painful area its an excruciating sharp pain on my entire lower right half of my abdomen. And what used to be a golfball sized painful area has turned into a grapefruit sized area. And the pain is 3x as bad as when it started. When I first told my doctor all my symptoms he told me it definitely was not caused by the accident ( I am no doctor but if the accident had nothing to do with this then why did all of this start the day AFTER my accident?)  Also, my gallbladder is up under my rib cage (it used to be) and thats where my incisions are from taking it out... if it was my gallbladder then why does my right LOWER part of my abdomen hurt? He said no possible way of appendicitis as it would have already ruptured, which i agree with. He felt in between my hip bones (in the middle) to feel for ovarian cysts but said that wasnt it either. But I dont understand what this could be. Ive researched ALL my smyptoms and i cant find anything that may be the cause. Im reaching out to see if this has happened to anyone or if you may know the cause of all this. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, I hope I did not miss any details.
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