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Memorizing Failures

Back till before and during 7th grade, I was doing fine at school.
I memorized for tests and quizzes, and most of the times I got straight high As.
Memorizing was easy, and sometimes fun to me back then, and I used to memorize things perfectly by reading it twice, and asking another person to ask/quiz me once.

Now in 9th grade... it got fuzzy and odd.
Even if I read things over thirty times or more, when I go try to memorize the second one, I forget the first one.
Even so if I managed to memorize the first one, I forget the first one right after the quiz.
I know writing and hands-on memorizing never worked out for me (and still is, because when I write down notes, my friend next to me have memorized by copying notes, but I don't even know what are on the notes, because I am too busy writing stuff down), so I don't even bother wasting time.

I have tried hard and really really hard, but continuous failures.
I also noticed how others memorized lines when we have quick quizzes, and how I was the ONLY one struggling still for memorizing.

Currently, the school is now about to end, and all my teachers are cramming on us.
Since I am in 9th grade, I really don't want my GPA to be below 4.0, but already a 3.8
If I get A's on eoct, I will probably end up with 4.0, but if I don't I would end up with 3.0 - 4.0 depending solely on final test grades.
Not just that, teachers are pouring 10 page memorization tests each day, and my bio teacher throws out 20 projects (writing essays 3 page, 5 minute speaking project, creating notes for all units etc. counting as one project)due in 4 days.
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Just basically saying, my memorization skills somehow dropped horribly, and I want to know why, and how to get back on the track.
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There are a couple of things going on. Firstly, when you hit high school everything gets more intense. You have more studying to do, more tests which are harder so you really can't go back and compare it to junior high or elementary school. You are so stressed out about all of this ad your grades that you are actually causing your own problem. Stress makes you have all kinds of memory problems, that's a fact, a very well known fact. try and relax and not worry about all of this. Get plenty of sleep as that can be a major factor in this as well. eat a good breakfast before going to school as your brain needs that in order to function at it's best. Have your mom make an appointment with your doctor to make sure that you are okay physically, that you are not anemic for example. take care!  
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    Apart from what has been told above, as you come to higher classes, the memorizing technique you use in lower classes may not be suitable for learning. You have to follow new techniques of learning. After reading a topic, you should write down main points in your note book and revise it occasionally. Since you are now trying to remember only the main points, the volume of information to be memorized get reduced. Subsequently you should develop the subject in your own words from the points you remember.
Most likely there may be nothing wrong with you physically.

Good luck,
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Thank you for both answers. I know those techniques already, and ally them sometimes.
(I use the most suitable one for me)
Well, you guys both had the same answer, but..

I have been memorizing quotes since elementary year, including music etc.
Especially memorizing quotes kicked me a lot, because it's not like as you guys said, harder and more to memorize, but it's just different words and with about same level of vocabulary.
I really noticed the difference in speed of memorizing the quotes now, and also how fast I forget the things I memorized as oppose to the early middle school year memorizing skills which I still can recite many.
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Oh yeah forgot to add. I am not having like more stress, less sleep, any physical factors, etc.
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   Normally learning by recitation is replaced by learning by understanding as one grows up.Learning by understanding is a more superior process as one will be able to learn the subject in different dimensions and is supposed to be more easily retrivable from the memory in differing contexts, where as when one learns by recitation, one can easily lose the continuity during retrival if there is a sudden context switching.
I also believe that it is normal to feel difficulty in learning by recitation as you grow up.May be due to the memory maturation process that goes on coinciding with the adolescence.

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