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My body is ruining my life, should I look to surgery? (pics)

Hello, I am 16 years old, and I feel like my un-attractive body is ruining my life. I understand some people will say, 'omg stop over reacting omg man up ******', but let me give you some background on me first. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder about 5 months ago, and have been working with many psychiatrists over the last few months to combat my depression and suicidal thoughts. I cannot help these feelings, I have no reason to have these feelings, but they're there, so don't tell me I'm over exaggerating, it's an achievement for me to go to a swimming pool in such a social atmosphere, let alone to take my top off and feel physically ill at the other people there I know will be scrutinizing every wobble my ridiculous chest decides to flounder. I break out in mass sweat and panic attacks in social and public situations such as parties, so I don't go to them now. I've lost so many friends due to just being too anxious to go and meet them, just incase there is people I don't know there.

I am 6ft, and weigh 11st roughly, so I'm not exactly fat, infact for many years my family moaned at me telling me to put weight on as I was very skinny when I was younger.

My stomach is flat when stood, but so much fat appears when I sit, it's so embarrassing. My chest is oversized, I have ridiculously large moobs that don't go with my slimmer physique. I have been dieting for ages, working out, lots of cardio, but no improvement. I have such puffy nipples. This is blighting my youth, I'm going to mexico next week, but I won't take my top off for the whole holiday, It's so embarrassing and makes me feel physically ill.

Should I consider surgery if it is affecting me this much? Where would be a good place to look or should I go to my GP?
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I suggest a program of regular exercise. This "fat" is likely the contents of your abdomen, protruding because there are no muscles there to hold it in.
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Theres nothing wrong with having insecurities about your body, if you really feel like this about it then try improving your image. But tbh i think your over exaggerating just a bit. Your focusing way too much on what you think is bad when in reality you're fine the way you are. You need to try and focus on your good qualities like i personally would love being tall cause im short and i get you on the sitting down thing. Try adding in some abdominal workouts to get rid of that it certainly worked for me. Like i used to be really insecure about my face because i had some really bad acne and didnt even want people to look at me and i couldn't face myself in a mirror without feeling ugly. I also used to think i was fat but everyone told me i was skinny, it didnt help though. However, i finally thought that if i don't like the way i look change it. I worked hard to get rid of my acne and lose my belly fat and now i don't feel bad about myself. Just keep working with your doctor and keep in mind that there are people around who are supporting you and love you. Don't get the surgery, by the description you gave i don't think you need it just keep working hard
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