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My chest hurts and I feel like I am about to throw up

I am 14 years old. When I think about bad things, I mean about school, parents and stuff, my chest starts to hurt and if I already have eaten I start throwing up. At first I didn't pay attention but now everything feels like that and I am kinda depressed and stuff but it's not only this pain of heartbreAK. Also, the thought of dying and not getting up in the morning won't let me sleep. I went to doctors, they said I am okay and nothing is wrong, and when I told that my parents they thought it was because I wanted to skip school, and after fourth visit in one week, with the school doctor she thinks I'm faking too.
Can I do something about this?
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Yes, you can do something about this :)
It's sounds like you might be dealing with anxiety (overwhelming stress), and depression; it's not uncommon for both to co-exist at the same time. Some of the symptoms are: chest pain, nausea/vomiting, headaches, muscle aches, fear, sleeplessness, problems with concentration, loss of interest, etc... It's really important for you to get this treated soon, so that you don't have to feel miserable any longer. It's possible that you may need to seek advice from a professional counselor or therapist that specializes in working with teenagers that have anxiety/depression. Try speaking with your parents again, and tell them that the symptoms you have are starting to scare you because they are recurring and making you very sick. Ask them if they would allow you to see a teen counselor or therapist for advice. If you have counselors on site at school, consider speaking with one in private about how you've been feeling. You should also consider keeping a daily journal about your health and activities. Write everything down such as: what you eat, any medications you take, your feelings, your sleep patterns, your schedule, etc...The reason why it's a good idea to keep a journal is so that you can share your thoughts about what's been bothering you, during any counseling sessions. This also gives you proof that you aren't lying or making up excuses. You shouldn't have to suffer in silence; there is definitely help out there! Meanwhile you might want to check out a site for teens called Scarleteen (once there, check out the boards about anxiety and depression). Hope you find some answers soon :) Take Care
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