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Party in June?

Okay, so I'm a 14-year-old female. My last day of middle school is on June 5th. My friend and I want to have a party. She wants to have the party at her dad's house and supposedly there is gonna be alcohol. She just told me today that back in December, she lost her virginity at one of these "parties". Plus, at the party, there is gonna be a whole bunch of kids I don't know from her old school. The same guy that she lost her virginity to is gonna be there. I kinda wanna go because I wanna kinda drink and I have never experienced that before. Plus, in a way, I don't really want to be a virgin anymore. I know I'm way too young to have sex or drink, but I kinda want to. Should I go to the party or not? Please don't leave any rude comments. I'm being serious. Why do I feel like I wanna do all this bad stuff? I know it's not just because of peer pressure because nobody is really pressuring me. I just wanna go to have fun. Help me please.
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drinking and sex isn't all it's cracked up to be. sure drinking can be fun...but what if you have just one too many? trust me praying to the porcelin gods is NOT fun. i'm of age and i don't even drink that much anymore. maybe every now and then when i do get to go out with my friends i'll have 1 or 2...that's it. it's just.....not that great really. and unless you have someone there who is a bartender the drinks will most likely s uck big time. alcohol on it's own...it NOT good. it tastes AWFUL! and if you drink the wrong thing your stomach will turn and you will have your head stuck in a toilet. and as far as sex goes...wait. yeah it can s uck being a virgin but think....do you really wanna give that up to some guy? i regret not waiting for my hubby. sure i "loved" the guy who i lost my v card to (i was almost 19) but am i with him? no. do i regret it? everyday. it's easy to have sex...it's not easy staying a virgin. you can have fun and not drink or have sex. if you're afraid of peer pressure...don't go. find other friends and go to the movies or have your own party....alcohol and sex free.
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I read your post last week and have thought about it all week, deciding how to respond.  I can see the interest in wanting to try drinking and having sex but a couple things you might want to think about, I won't tell you you are ting some mature things. Lets talk sex first.

Do I want to have sex just for the sake of having sex?
Do I want to have sex with just any guy (get laid) or do I want to be in a loving caring relationship with the person who takes my virginity?
If I have sex now, what happens when I meet the guy of my dreams, how do I explain I am not a virgin?
What if I get pregnant? (it can happen even with a condum or even if they pull out).
How would I explain that to my parents?
What if I catch some disease?

Now drinking.

What if I drink too much and get sick or alcohol poisoning?
What if I drink to much and someone take atvantage of me or wants to have sex?
What if I drink too much someone has sex with me and I don't remember what happened and I end up pregnant?
How will I feel in the morning if any of the above happens to me?
Peolpe who drink alcohol before they are 21 have a 50% chance of becoming addicted.

These are all things to think about before having sex or joiining a party with alcohol.  I know no one can make these decisions for you, and when we are young we always think it won't happen to me or we don't even consider what could happen.  Life is going to be full of choices that you have to make, take a step back and consider the what ifs before you make the choice, because once it is given away you will never get it back!, Choose wisely! M
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