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Hi i'm 15 i have started my periods but they have not been right i have NOT had a period in 3 months but when i did have my periods they lasted up to 3 weeks or longer i have had alot of blood tests done but they came back fine , I no that i am NOT pregnant also my top half is NOT growing , I dont class myself as under weight .

What Should I Do ??
Thank You For Your Help ...
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hi. i have the same problems. i know you've had blood taken, but did they check your thyroid levels? because those can REALLY mess up your periods. Even if the level was only off by .1, it could make a huge difference.
Good Luck
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Hey, This is exactly what happened to me too!!!

Only I had my 2nd period 7 months later!! ANd everytime it used to last for 12 days or more.

I consulted a doctor and she gave me some kind of pill. It worked for 5 months, I had blood test and urine test. I had ultrasonography too and the report said that I had 'a tiny cervical cyst', otherwise everything's normal.

However the problem vanished when I started doing yoga. But my period becomes irregular again if I stop doing Yoga.
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