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Pink discharge day after being fingered

Basically me and my boyfriend were messing around the other day and he wanted to finger me but since it was my first time I was scared so I got him to clean his hands with baby wipes just in case although he never touched his penis but still had to make sure... But as soon as he started going in it felt tight and painful so I told him to stop and then he tried again but this time went in slightly deeper which really hurt but when I got home everything was normal until the next day or the day after I went to the toilet and wiped myself and realised I had a light pink discharge and I got nervous because I looked up on the Internet and it means implantation and beginnings of being pregnant I started to panic a lot that it made me get scared and throw up because I don't want to be pregnant ... I've never had sex in my life but I'm still scared something might have happened , but according to my period Calendar I'm not due till next week Sunday and I'm already getting very slight cramps and its scaring me so much to be honest ... Can someone please help I'm desperate and scared because I don't want to be pregnant
Many thanks
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You are not pregnant. If he just fingered you, you are fine. The blood is normal if it was your first time doing this. 100% you are not pregnant.

Make sure he is respecting your boundaries as well.It is all new to you and not sure if it is for him but if it hurts tell him to stop, then when you are ready try again. Make sure you are lubricated not dry as it could cause friction and irritation to the inside vaginal wall.  
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Tbanks for the advice ... It's put my mind at rest for a bit, I was wondering just today I got cramps and went to the toilet and had light pink and orange discharge would it be caused by being fingered or does it mean something else? Thanks
The same thing is happening to me and I’m freaking out it been a week and I have weird discharge and I’m still a Virgin and my period is 4 days late
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Orange discharge could be something different are you sure is orange or is it brown?

When are you due for your period this week?

Orange discharge could be an infection. You haven't had sex before so it's not an std

I would go to your doctor just to have them check the orange discharge if it doesn't go away.
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