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Please help : period trouble

I'm pretty embarrassed to be talking about it but , i don't think its healthy.This is my second period after 13 days of startng my first one and my "flow" is super heavy and i'm not overweight or anything so i dont think it should be happening like that. It's like huge globs and really dark, I've had to change 4 times already and thats more that i change in a day usually. Please help need an answer ASAP
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Once in a while it is ok to have a slightly prolonged or heavy period. However if this persists from cycle to cycle, it can be a cause of concern. One possibility is that it is a miscarriage, if you have a history of unprotected sex. Hence take a pregnancy test and see. If you are miscarrying, it will still be positive.
Other causes of heavy bleeding which should be ruled out are fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis, uterine polyps, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems and bleeding disorders. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined as such a heavy bleed can cause anemia and other problems. Take care!
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Periods can change at anytime in my experience. If you've just started your period it sounds normal. I had a period for 2 weeks none stop and it was heavy when I first started. Then it finally stopped and then started again after 3 days! Don't panic :)! It's probably your hormones just messing around which is normal for teenagers anyway. And it's not just when you first start, they can change at anytime. I've had my period since I was 11 and it's been messing up the past few days. Hope it sorts itself out soon :)!xo
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Thanks for the reply but ,No, i am still a virgin. and what is the other stuff you're talking about?
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Thanks for the reply,  but do you know when your period is supposed to "regulate"??
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Well after the first three periods mine started to be more regular and I got to grips with what my flow was like. It's just about waiting for your body to calm down, I wouldn't panic so quickly:)!xo
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Oh okay thank you :)
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