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Psychologist Visit

Okay so I'm 14 and my first visit with a psychologist is next week. I'm really scared.. I just want to know what's going to happen. I don't fair well with needles. Will they need to do any blood work?
I also feel like people's view of me is going to go way down. It makes sense.. Because, here, everyone is so judgemental that even my fear of heaven makes me a retard. I don't like this school but I have to be here to stay alive.. I'm threatened only by myself into this.
I needed help.. And now I'm getting it. BUt I'm so scared, I might puke at the first sight of the office. I don't ever feel well when I'm around doctor's offices or hospitals
I want to be a psychologist when I'm old enough. Is it possible that I still will be able to do that? Or did I just totaly screw up my whole future?

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I know exactly how your feeling. Im going through all of this. Im 16.  There arn't any needles or blood work.  Its just a bunch or questions.  People might vies you different but that means they also have probles. And because your getting help for this it makes you a really strong person
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Why exactly are you going? you do not have to answer but it would probably help with answers.
i used to go see a psychologist. I told only two of my friends who i knew wouldnt say anything because i didnt want people to know cause i didnt want them to think less of me either. but after awhile i found out that a lot of teenagers go to therapy also so its actually pretty common. I did not have to have any blood work so i dont think you will have to either. People are judgmental because they most likely have problems of their own and just want to make them self's feel better by putting you down. yes hospitals can be a little scary but they are actually there to make people better and help them. there is nothing bad about them because they get you back on track and dont stop helping until you are happy with your self.
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