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Scrotum white dots please help

I am fourteen and im getting tinny little bumps all over my scrotum and sum going us the bottom of my penis, I hope there no STI so it dosent ruin my sex life when im older, I just learnt about genital warts and dont think its them, Please help and tell me how to get rid of them, Also I do not feel comfortable telling people in real life so thats why I can here, P.S When ever I master-bate Only small amounts of sperm comes out and it dosent have enough projectile motion to come out of my for-skin if that helps, Do you have a solution to that to?
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All normal, your sperm count is probably low cause you masterbate a lot, and projectile has nothing to do with anything, some people dribble, some shoot, you can find tips on how to shoot your sperm further if you feel that strongly about it
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