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Seeking a Breakthrough

I'm ready for a breakthrough from this anxiety that is taking over my life. I feel like all I do is worry to take action.

I believe you guys when you say "there's nothing wrong with your heart" until I get a heavy heart palpitation. I want to get to the point to where when ever I get chest pain I can say "this is fine."

So far, NO ONE has told me I'm not okay. No one except myself. And I want to change that. I have sevral methods below, where should I start?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Deep Breathing

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Anything for now but medication which is your last resort. You could also try reading philosophies of the world, in case something there catches your fancy - they all deal with how to get through troubles.
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Agree with AnxiousNoMore.  The only reason to ever see a psychiatrist is if you get to the point where you want medication.  If you learn yoga and meditation from, say, a Buddhist rather than from your CBT practitioner, you'll get some of that philosophy AnxiousNoMore is talking about as well.  
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