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Slow Urine Reaction, Hard To Pee, Please Read

Sometimes when I pee it's difficult to get the urine out, my foreskin will feel tight and I'll press to pee but nothing will come out but then a few seconds later urine will pour out when I'm not pressing to pee, as if it's a late reaction or somethig. Does anyone know what this is? I've tried to look this up and can't find any answers. Can someone please respond? At first I thought it was a discharge or something, but it's urine coming out that wasn't coming out when I was pushing to pee. Eventually though I'll press good enough to get a stream but sometimes it takes a few tries and this has been happening for three days. I'm not sexually active and I'm only seventeen. I'd appreciate a reply, any feedback would be good right about now because I'm worried and need some advice
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Hi Charles405, can you pull your foreskin back with no problem ? sounds like your bladder , you don't say you are in any pain , would you say your bladder had something do do with this , sorry i'm not sooner to answer  
I can't pull it back all the way, I can expose some of the head though, but not necessarily all of it. I don't feel any pain though. I'm not sure if it's a bladder or urethral problem like an infection or stricture, I'm most likely going to the doctors tomorrow because though I don't feel any pain, this keeps happening to me when I need to urinate and it never happened before besides about a year ago but it only happened once then the next day I was fine, this has been going on for almost a week and I'm not sure if this is a serious issue or a mid infection like a UTI or somerhing or maybe something like cancer. I'm worried what this could be and just want to be fine again
Thank you Charles for your reply, good you are going Dr's for your own peace of mind  please Come back to  MedHelp with your result , i'm thinking of a mild infection , take care
Hi, am curious of the outcome. I am uncircumcised and may have lichen sclerosis which are white patched on my for skin. I fear it may have affected my urethra. Getting checked out. Just wondered what you have found.

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