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So I hump my pillow??? Is this normal/okay?

Ummm... So this is kind of weird but I really need to know what is happening to me. I am thirteen and over the past couple years I have had an increasing urge to hump things. I am really close with my older sister but I can't even tell her and don't dare tell my parents. I just want to know if its just me and if I am like sick or something. This might sound stupid to some people that I don't tell anyone because it is likely natural, but in my religion we believe marriage before s*x and somehow to me this feels like a violation to that. I feel uncomfortable around people sometimes cuz I feel like I have this awful dirty secret. Please help, I just need some answers and guidance.
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Yes, it is perfectly normal for you to hump your pillows and blankets, I've been doing it since I was at least three years old and Im 21 now and I can't ejaculate any other way. For instance, I can't use my hands, because it just doesn't work that way for me and I've tried a number of times to do it that way but it just doesn't work out for me and ever since I was little, I was humping then and I'm still humping now and that's how I'm going to do it for the rest of my life, but anyways, my mom believes in no sex before marriage, but she was perfectly fine with me humping as much as I pleased, and it's technically not sex since what your humping isn't a person and, it's your body and you can do whatever you want with it, but I would strongly recommend making safe and smart choices about it and make sure the door is locked so that way you can have the most privacy as possible and you're not sick, your just experimenting with certain things and before my mom and dad found out I thought that it was a big dark secret too, but after my parents found out it was no big deal, but everybody's parents are different and so I would proceed with caution if you do plan to tell them and after you explain your feelings about that subject with them they should be understanding about it, at least my parents were but when you do hump something, remember, the number one rule: to always have fun! I hope that this helps you out with your situation
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I wish I could do that to celebrate my first day being 13 but as we all know I'm a stupid boy
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Wait how old are you? And do want exaclty???
I just turned thirteen recently. Also, you aren't just a stupid boy. Be proud of your identity. If you are a queer boy, be proud of that. If you only want to be a girl because you think you are "just a stupid boy" then I think you simply need to give yourself some love. I say this in the most supportive way possible, I don't want to offend anyone.

Ps, I'm A girl
I could tell by clicking on your name
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Lots of teens - girls and boys and all identities - hump pillows. It's a common form of masturbation. You aren't sick, you aren't alone.


I wouldn't recommend searching for this though - I got many, many, many porn links.

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Thank you so much! That is really helpful, you have no idea how much I appreciate this!!!
You're welcome. :)
Because you knowsome stuff about well sex, I need to know if it's normal for a boy who wants to be a girl to want to be able to then become pregnant the way women are supposed to become pregnant and if it's possible
I'm not sure. There was a case where a girl became a boy but was still able to carry a child and gave birth to a healthy baby, but I'm not sure about the other way around. It would be difficult, I know that much. If you are considering gender reassignment then I would tall to your doctor about it, to see if it would be possible.
If anyone feels like they should be a girl, and feels like they have a more feminine personality I think it is normal for them to want to have a child. If it isn't possible you could always consider adopting
Thanks I guess but can I ask you a sorta strange question via message through the app
I guess adoption is a possibility but then I wouldn't be able to enjoy giving birth. Will I always be a boy on the inside?
Well I know it isn't exactly the same, but giving birth isn't what I would describe as fun. I suppose you could feel more connected to your child if they were biological, but think of the life you could change adopting A child. Sometimes the bond is stronger cuz you've given them a real family.
If you want to be a girl, I think at that point you are already a girl on the inside. But embrace yourself, your personality. God made you as you are, but he also wants you to be happy.
if God wants me to be happy why do I feel like I'm suffering? I hope God doesn't forget the promise we made. If I where to adopt I feel like it would be another reminder that I would never truly be female. =(  I wish I could be who I truly feel like I should be.
Well maybe that is your life challenge to overcome. If you don't end up being a girl I think that maybe you are meant to find a way to be happy as a boy? If you really feel like you should be a girl, then go for it. Dont let anything get in your way. But make sure that you are absolutely solid on this decision, cuz there is no going back
thanks L

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