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Stick and Poke tattoos?

I don’t know if I count as a teen but I’m 13. It’s quarantine (of course) and I’m bored out of my mind. My friends recently posted on her Instagram story showing she got a DIY stick and poke tattoo. I also saw a few other things. I looked it up online and did research because it looked pretty cool. Turns out they fade but they’re still permanent. So I looked up ways to remove a tattoo and the safest and most reliable way is laser treatment but that still won’t completely get rid of the tattoo. There is also a risk of infections and stuff like that. I really want a tattoo though, it looks cool. Thoughts/Advice?
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You should discuss this with your parents, since they will be the ones taking care of you and paying for your medical expenses should any complications arise.  Plus, it's just a good idea to be transparent with your parents to avoid arguments and conflicts.

There are inherent dangers with any do-it-yourself procedure that involves piercing your skin.  You mentioned one, and this lists several others: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qvdq3b/how-safe-are-stick-and-poke-tattoos

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Wassup! I have given myself a few stick and pokes,basically before you do it (i know I can't stop you if you have your mind set) know it's stabbing yourself, over and over and over until it turns into a shape, sometimes if you don't do it deep enough you just feel pain, you might bleed, but you don't get the tattoo (Its just a bunch of dots!!) And you have to take care of it, as a teen who used to self harm I can say stick and pokes are pretty similar, so, just, keep that in mind, and im all for you do you boo decorate yourself however you want, but I would wait for a professional, i wish I did tbh
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Just print a piece of paper and use it. Laser treatment is expensive and can hurt. Just the same old way, but you won't have any regrets in the future.
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