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Teen anxiety attack without the anxiety?

My daughter has been experiencing many symptoms over the past two years. Our family doctor seems to keep going back to the old reliable “anxiety attacks”. For two years she has experienced shortness of breath for no apparent reason. She does not feel anxious or nervous in any way. She insists she is perfectly happy and has nothing to worry about. I tend to agree with this.
Now over the past 6 months her symptoms have increased in number and variety. She now looses sensation in her legs, she has “heart” pains (as she describes), headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, pressure in her chest, hot flashes with flushed skin and uncontrollable shaking.  She has also felt faint many times and lost consciousness once. The symptoms are now getting to where they are constant, now even during the night (sleep hours). Just last night she woke me 3 times with a pounding in her chest from a fast heartbeat and loss of breath. Theses episodes can last from 10 minutes to several hours.  
Ok, so what have I done to find out what this is? Well, she has had several CAT scans, x-rays, blood tests, urine tests, drug tests and multiple visits to different doctors. She has worn a heart monitor that showed 9 episodes of increased heartbeat (109-149 beats per minute) in a 12 hour period. Her heart goes from a normal 70-80 beats per minute up to 109-149 for about 20 minutes to an hour then drops off right back to 70-80 beats per minute within a second. The doctor instantly wanted to put her on a beta blocker, because “NOW” he sees something irregular… but I am still not convinced. She has seen cardiologists, a lung specialists, she has had a MRI on her brain and has several appointments remaining with an allergists, a neurologists and again with the lung specialists to run a camera into her lungs.
My daughter is 16 and has had a healthy life being active in sports, with friends and family, and is just “Normal” I suppose. She does not do drugs, she is not sexually active, and she is great in school, a good Christian and has good friends. Neither she nor I can think of ANYTHING she could be nervous about. The only one saying she is anxious is her family doctor. Her teachers note she is doing great and does not in any way seem nervous to them. Her friends also agree. I guess what I am trying to say is… there is NOTHING that tells my daughter that she is nervous so we are ruling out anxiety ourselves. So…what IS happening?  If anyone has any suggestions, we welcome advise.  
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Hi, I've suffered like your daughter when I was 13 I'm 14 now. I really didn't know what I was afraid of either it just happened suddenly. I've honestly had alot to go through even more then what your daughter went through. Medications were useless for me. So what I did is to do stuff that I enjoyed doing at home, exercising or either surprises that would make me happy and eventually forgotten about it. However if this doesn't work you should let your daughter talk to a specialist that would get her better step by step!
Hope this helped :)
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