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Teeth pain when drinking cold water

Sometimes when I drink really cold water (like with ice) I started to get a little bit of pain in my front teeth. It goes away after a few minutes.

Is this normal?
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Cold sensitivity happens. One reason is a little recession of the gum which then makes the tooth hurt as cold hits it.  This gum recession leads to irritation to the nerve of the tooth housed in the inner pulp layers of teeth can lead to cold sensitivity. The thinnest part of the enamel covers the tooth roots, so when gums recede exposing the roots, teeth are more likely to be sensitive to cold. There are gum protecting toothpastes like sensodyne. I use that for a few days and this gets better. When is the last time you went to the dentist?
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Thanks for the suggestion. It has been a year since I went to the dentist.
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Hi there. Ya, important to go at least once a year.  They keep there eye on everything to catch it before it is an issue.  So, set this up. Have you been able to yet?
Yes, I finally went for cleaning. I am not getting the pain anymore.
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