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Throat pains

Ok I'm 17 and ever since I can remember since I was very little, I always get throat pain three times a year. My doctor said it is pharyngitis. Let me explains it better, the first day I have it, the back of my throat feels odd. It is almost like getting water in your nose and the water going to the back of your throat type feeling. The next day my throat feels tighter and it is hard to swallow and to talk. I always check my tonsils for any pus pockets and I aleays find some. Usually I just knock them out with a cotton swab (as my doctor told me to do). This usually lasts for three to five days. Like I previously stated it happens at least 3 times a year and I asked my doctor if removing my tonsils was an option because I really hate feeling like this and he said not to worry about it. Other people I have talked to say they only get it like once a year or not at all. I am really conflicted on what I should do.
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