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Is something wrong with me when I don't want to get attached to anyone?? If someone says they love me, or if they show that they are definitely into me, I go ghost. If you look at other posts it might help a little on why i'm so messed in the head.

This ex of mine keeps coming back to me when I just stop talking. I've hurt his feelings a lot, we use to fight all the time..because of me, i'm sure. He keeps coming after me and I hate it! I don't know why he keeps on texting me and saying things like I love you, even if you don't love me. I feel like a horrible person because of it. That's why I hate relationships, there are too many emotions, and someone always gets hurt in the end. At least in my relationships. I'm not into it..I think my brain is messed up in the relationship department.
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I think this is normal personally, you are probably going to meet more people that say the same things and act the same way and your feelings will not be mutual for them either.  Once you find someone that you can relate to and are compatible with and enjoy on that level things will be different.  We don't have to love someone just because they say they love us.
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Hey, hun; its been awhile. Just so you know this happens to the best of us. Im assuming because of this ex your stressing all the time. I understand and know what it is your facing. Although I kinda feel like the guy on the other side of this story. Although my case was way way different. If ya need to talk Im always here :p
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