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Does anyone know how to loose weight fast???
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What is your weight? How much do you want to lose?

You are on the right path with the want and awareness that you want to lose weight? There is no magic formula and it will take time. I loss weight, buy avoiding bread, soda, sugar, sweets, donuts, etc.immediately and start power walking daily for 30 minutes, which will help burn over 140 calories. You need to do some type of exercise every other day and most important, small portion meals. Start grocery shopping for your meals. Make your own tasty salad, which can fill you up easily. Avoid juices with sugars, but it will take time! Must exercise, but start walking and you will see the weight come off. If you are able to start jogging even better!  Oh...lot's of water. Good luck.
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Yea, put down the twinkie.
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LOL...twinkie is a definate "tasty" no, no :)
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it's all about moderation. Eating small meals throughout the day and exercising. Avoid high sugar foods, have more high protein foods and not as much carbs.

3 easy things to do to lose some weight is...
1) drink water. replacing sode or other high calorie drinks with water will save you around 150 calories
2) have a salad. adding a salad to your meal will help you feel full faster so you'll eat fewer calories
3) work out. jogging or fast walking 3 times a week will help increase your metabolism so you can burn more calories.

good luck. :)
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