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Why am I suddenly getting watery discharge?

On August 25 this guy I know and like we had unprotected sex. I usually run on a normal 28 day menstral cycle. Sometimes it is a few days off but that doesn't bug me. It usually last about 6-7 days. Mostly seven and heavy/medium. This period was strange though. I never get cramping or anything. I felt fine like my normal period but it was slightly lighter and lasted only three days. I thought that was strange but sex can make your period weird. I never get a lot of discharge. But I have a funny cramping feeling in my lower abodomen, chest pain, lots of watery discharge, headaches here and there, sick manly at night or afternoon, can not sleep very well, going to the bathroom a lot. I thought that I had a miscarriage but I am having all of these symptoms and I do not know what to do. When I had my period it did not seem unnormal for me. eventhough it only lasted 3-4 days was lighter and a few days before I had brown spotting. what could this mean? The discharge does not have any smell, it is mainly just water, and has no color to it. Thank you! I am only 16 and I am turning 17 next month.
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A thin watery discharge all throughout is not a normal feature is generally due to genital herpes. At times the sores are not visible and the only thing that remains abnormal is a watery discharge. It can also be atrophic vaginitis which is common in post menopausal women and in your case heralds a hormonal imbalance. It could also be chlamydial infection or even gonorrhea. Hence it is important to get a complete STD and a complete hormonal panel (estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH, prolactin, thyroid) done.
It could also be due to infection in the uterus, cervicitis, vaginal infection. An ultrasound via vaginal route or a uteroscope inserted via vaginal route to look at the  condition of the cervix, uterus etc, a PAP smear, a vaginal swab test, a culture of the vaginal discharge, a complete STD panel are probably what are required. It could also be an allergic reaction to soaps, cosmetics, douches, razor etc that you use. Hence eliminate them one by one and see if it helps.
While sex may not affect your periods, a STD can. Also, it is important to rule out pregnancy. So, take a pregnancy test and see. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor/ gynecologist. Take care!
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I do not have any infections or STD's got tested I am clean there. I think that I will buy a pregnancy test tomorrow and take it to see what happens. That is my best bet right now. I feel like I am having my period but I am not. I also never get cramping while i am having my period or headaches or being really tired all of a sudden. It is very strange and eating a lot and gaining weight is really weird to. But thanks.
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