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Why not anyone i like?

So, i'm 15 years old girl, i'm an otaku (=likes japanese culture,anime,cosplay etc.) and for this years spring and summer i have been told by many peopole that someone likes me or they come saying it to me. But, usually the one who starts to like me or get atracted by me is a girl. I'm not myself interested in girls, and all the boys who seem to like me.... well I don't get atracted to them, usually i look up to them as friends.
for example, when i was in a convention a girl (who i didn't know at all) came to me and took my hands and said that i was really pretty and kissed me on the neck, i got really anxious and i just fled from the situation.

I don't know what to do, it seems like the wrong peopole starts to like me, because none of the guys i've liked had always turned me down, by saying that i'm weird and they don't like me because i listen to japanese music or something among the lines. i really don't know what to do....

me and my friends have actually thinked that in the cons they stick a "i'm not gay" tag on my forehead XD

and thanks if someone has a good advice to my heart pouring ^^
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People may turn you down at this age, or people that you don't like may like you. I'm 15 myself, and it's probably the same situation as you have- there are those people that everyone really likes, and those that are ignored. It's all really annoying at this age, but sometime in your life you're probably gonna meet that special someone. Just stay positive during this stage of your life and don't let anything get you down! (:

Oh, and there's nothing weird about liking Japanese music / culture / anime.. actually, that makes you more interesting than them. Can they say they've been to anything interesting like a convention, or listened to the real emotion in Japanese music? Can they say that they're interested in a whole different culture? Believe me, if they say you're weird because you like that sort of stuff, they haven't ever experienced it.

Sorry if none of this has helped you, hopefully some of it has. Good luck and again, don't let anything make you feel bad about yourself! (:
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Sorry about posting twice, I'm not sure if there's an edit button :P

If you still need advice and none of the great people here have answered after me, then I'm always happy to talk :)

I guess it comes from experience- most of my friends come to me for advice, for some reason. xD
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