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angry all the time/confusing symptoms/adhd?

Im a 16 year old girl who has slight anger issues all of a sudden.

As soon as i come home from school i turn into this diffeent person, im moody, angry, mean to my parents whenever they ask me a simple question. I wasnt like this a year ago but im noticing it more and more.
My moods change quite often too, i can go from fuming angry because my mother was making me study, where i feel like i need to punch something or kick something and i occasionaly do, to crying 10 minutes later. then one of those moods where you dont want to talk to anyone. but im not like this at school at all! not when im with my friends at lunch or break. in class i find it REALLY hard to concentrate, its like i dont even care and i can read the same  simple sentence over and over again and i still wont even be able to recite it back or know what ive just read. Ive also been very forgetful lately. not like, i forgot to brush my teeth, but i cant remember what i said 2 minutes ago that kind of thing, thats been happening over the last few months.
i also cant find the motivation to study at all! i have the biigest exams of my life in may and i know i should study but i have NO motivation now, i used to have some motivation about a year ago but now literally none. inn class im not focused, not concentrating. like i dont even care about anything anymore. i get stressed sometimes, but im highly sure thats not whats causing this as it is not at all an issue. i get stressed like everybody else.

also at the start of 2011, idk if it was depression or whatever but for a few months i was really quite down and felt horrible about myself. i cut myself to have a pain i could control, idk what happened but a few months ago that feeling suddenly stopped. and i stopped crying every night like i used to, i didnt take any medication or therapist, anything. it just stopped. but now these angyr/not focused/lack of motivation/dont care a bout anything started.

*a few disclaimers: nothing happened a year ago which changed my life, nothing at all significant happened a year ago(when these started).
*the 'mood swings' i do get a period but they never co-incide with my angry moods, i would say about 3/5 school days when i come home i have these moods, but other nights i come home im completely happy.

i know this is alot to read and i appreciate it if you did read it, so can anyone help me?

is it adhd? depression? bipolar? or whatever?

help please, i really cant deal with any of this.
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hey, i know where your coming from its is like my story but a bit different, i am now at college and still have the same problems of concentrating and i dont have any motivation what so ever.
Stress could be causing you to feel this way, my advice is to take life as it comes and not to rush, slow it down i struggled with exams etc, and once i finished i was more relaxed and my moods changed, but it all started again.
there are many factors that could be causing your mood swings and your motivation to decrease, if i was you i would go to an adult you trust or doctor and explain whats happening,and see if there is anything you can do.

Hope this helps

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