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anyone that can help/ has same symptoms?

i am an 18 yr old female.all my life i have had gastrointestinal problems and joint pain. in march 2011 i was hospitalized for a month with a paralyzed stomach they also thought i had pancreatitis after looking at my blood results. in december 2011 during a normal birthcontrol physical i had test results that caused concern for my doctor, she said i had been drinking way to much and it was starting to damage my liver, the problem is i've never drank alcohol. a more recent blood test(fasted) showed high blood sugar 110 and high calcium 10.4 a re test excluded the pre-diabetes but the calcium only dropped to 10.1. also in 2011 my doctor had patella fomoral syndrome and told by my P.T. that i had VERY weak legs. im seeing 3 different doctors and not one of them will attempt to connect all of my symptoms. as i'm typing this  i am lying in bed in a tremendous amount of pain with extreme nausea( which i have been prescribed phinnegran(sp?) for since i am almost always throwing up. i have constant UTIs and occasionally i will loose feeling in my hands or(like know) my fingers even ache. im desperate for suggestions on what it could possibly be or if they can even be linked to each other. also my sister suffers from thyroid problems and my mom has solid cysts both in her breasts and on her thyroid not sure if it could be that, all my doctors have ignored it so far
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also im freezing cold about 80% of the time, which is definitely not right since i live in texas. there is no in between either its like im either dying of hypothermia or im about to have a heat stroke.(and ive never had a fever...EVER the highest its ever been is 98.7 but i have had one as low as 93
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