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best opinion on if I will grow any taller?

Hello. I am a 17 year old male as of march. I was wondering if my chances of growing taller are still possible? My dad is 6'1. His dad was also 6'1. my mom is 5'2 and her mom is 4 something. I am currently 5'8. I remember the first time I saw that I was 5'8 was freshman year of highschool and I was 14 turning 15. I still have not grown significantly since then. If anything maybe a couple centimeters. I took ADHD meds sophomore year which reduced my appetite and I took the pills for about 2 months just incase that has anything to do with it. My dad told me he was about 6'1 sometime around senior year and I'm only 5'8 entering senior year. Have I hit my main growth spurt yet and will I grow to be as tall as my dad possibly by the end of senior year?
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I'll bet you are not the only teenager in the world who wants to be as tall as his dad! Just remember, however many inches from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head, your stature as a man is something that can't be quantified with a tape measure. All the best! I hope you outgrow your old man!
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If you have grown a couple of cm in last 2 years, then probably you will just add another cm or two to your height by the time you are 21 years and attained full adult height. However, your height will also be influenced by combine maternal and paternal genetic factors and by other environmental factors.

Eat healthy, exercise (stretching and aerobics) and you may grow taller than current 58’. Take care!
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